Knotty Hoops Monthly V.I.P. Subscription Box!

So this is what's up...
I will be offering 2 different boxes- each month there will be a theme and the jewelry and the extra item will coincide with this theme- both will have free shipping inside the US!

$35 - V.I.P. Box(Petite) option will include 2 gifts.

* 1" - 1 1/2" Necklace(varying shapes), Earrings or Shirt Pin

* 1 special hand picked item that will coincide with the theme of the box!

$45 - V.I.P. Box option will include 3 gifts

* 2" - 2 1/2" Necklace(varying shapes), Earrings , OR a Shirt Pin

 ** 2 special hand picked gifts that will coincide with the theme of the box!

Payments will be processed the day you sign up each month for the following month. Payments made between 1st - 15th will receive box the first week of the next month. Payments made between 16th - 31st will receive box the last week of the next month. (example: August 4th payment receives their box the first week of September. August 24th payment receives their box the last week of September) 

 I will only be accepting so many subscribers since each piece of jewelry is handmade. I want to be able to give each of you the best quality piece so I will cut off the listing once it gets so full so I am not overwhelmed. So sign up quickly!!! 

The jewelry is designed specifically for this subscription box. This subscription will ensure your jewelry is unique and not be duplicated in the future. I am fortunate enough to maintain contact with all of my customers and will take much consideration on the design picked for your box.

Cancellations/Refunds since there will be no refunds of any sort, please cancel your subscription before your monthly recurring payment. If you cancel after your payment is processed you will still receive the next months box. Sorry for any inconvenience!



Hi there! Jesse here, the creator and doer behind Knotty Hoops. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to crafty things at a young age by my grandmother. I spent 20 years quilting before I found my love of thread painting. I love being able to create bouquets and thread painted pieces for you to adorn your homes.